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Welcome Byron Falls High School Class of 2015!  We hope that your time in our school will help mold you into the future leaders of Byron Falls while providing you with the nutrition, exercise, education, and fun for which you are looking.  

* Discover Byron Falls, Minnesota.
* Visit friends at Iron Gates ,  Silver Meadows, or Steel Rails housing communities
Explore Byron Falls High School.
* Ponder the "Administrator Profiles":.
Be informed by the "Staff Profiles":.
* Uncover the "Teacher Profiles":.
Peruse the "Student Profiles":.
* Wonder at Byron Falls Primary School.
Shop  at Dying for Perfection, Sole Delight, The Pawn Shop, Bijoux Charmant, Bouquet Boutique, [[Rhodes' Pharmacy]], Sports Center,The Hardware Store, Off The Cuff,The Looking Glass, Tanner Gas and Automotive, or Nuke Town.
* Visit the Public Library, The Church, The Park, or The Junk Yard.
Hang out at Stardust or Mystic Grounds. Or if you are over 21 Home Brew.
* Or, if you want to see the new in town club house, visit the Wyrd House.
Or, if you want to see the new in town club house, visit the Wyrd House.
* Browse High Rise Bakery, Beans And Bon Bons
Drop your kids off at [[Little Miss Muffet's Day Care]] or your pets at All Creatures Animal Care.
* Eat at Lucky House, The Diner, The Smoke Shack, Casablanca, [[L'amour De La Nourriture]], [[Mitchel's Steak House]],Sweet Dreams, [[Joey's Pizza Palace]].
Get patched up at [[Saint Basil's Hospital]].
* Have some fun at Flint Cinema.
If you are feeling rebellious go to Steel Rails to visit Ink Or Dye to get some art or holes in you. 
* Snoop around The Woods outside town. Maybe even find [[Byron's Cabin]] while you are there…
** And while you are there, see if you can find the teams new "Secret Club House" that was the former [[Boutin's House]], now with an improved Basement Room.
* Or, if you think they are up to no good, empty out the student's "backpacks": Content Not Found: rocky-s_backpack_ , Content Not Found: lolly-s_backpack_, Content Not Found: brandon-s-backpack, Content Not Found: olivia-s-backpack
* Visit their homes [[Lolly's House]], [[Rocky's House]], [[ Brandon's House]], or [[Olivia's House]]
* Beware the Hunters
* Get the scoop on all the juicy Rumors
* And after you are done with High School, consider attending the University Of Byron Falls
* There has been a new council established in Byron Falls to help govern over the supernatural populous. Visit the Council


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