Caster – Slang term when referring to any type of magic caster.

Dove/Doves – slang term used to refer to the "Seven Sisters" or "The Court of the Stars"

Fang-Bait – a term used by Hunters to describe young pretty girls used to lure Vampires.

Fang-Face – Derogatory term for Vampire

Fang-Fiction – a term used by Vampires referring to liturature that is "facts about them". Ex: "Can you believe this Fang-Fiction Garbage? Garlic, really? Who is defeated by Garlic!"

F.E. – A term used by Vampires referring to Fey Blood.

Glamour – Glamour has Two meanings in the Byron Falls World
* First – Glamour is the type of magic Fey use. It can be anything from how they disguise themselves to what they do to others and the world around them
Second – "To Glamour Someone": Not just Fey can Glamour people, but they are the ones know for doing it the best. "To Glamour Someone" is to daze them, or to nudge their decisions in a certain way. Unlike "Whammy" (see lower in list) it can not fully change someone's mind, there has to be a willingness to the "victim".

Glitter In The Eyes – A Slang term for "To Glamour Someone". Ususally used as a way to downplay the spell's effect. Example "It wasn't that big of deal. It was just a Little Glitter In The Eyes to get out of PE Class."

Glitter-wisp – A deragatory slang word for Fey

Human Plus – Slang term for human with supernatural powers but no magic casting abilities.

Je Breá Tey-Jour – Fey Speak for "I Will Love You Forever"

Lua Prionsa – Fey Speak for "Moon Prince"

Me'air Nel Raelta – Fey Speak for "Crazy Star"

Playing with Sunlight – A Slang term used by Vampires for describing entering dangerous situations willingly.

Scout's Honor – A smart alec term used by Super Naturals in replace of "I Promise". This term does not necessarily mean a promise is made as it is referencing to the Hunters.

Suck Neck – A Slang term for drinking blood.

Take Out – Slang for a new comer in town who says they are visiting.

Whammy – A Whammy is usually used by Stars but is not limited to their magic. Unlike "To Glamour Someone" a Whammy can totally change a "victim's" thoughts and ideas. This is pretty big magic and can not be used just on anyone at any time. A Soul Point Roll (DC usually 3) can negate the effects.

Wolf-nip – a term used by Hunters to describe lures for Werewolves. 


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